Trust, Participation and Support

We’re building the future of consultation is a great tool for engaging communities on consultation projects, major or minor. 

We help deliver trust with the community, generate excellent participation, and identify and recruit support.  

We present information about the scheme, in a well-designed manner, allowing users to comment and rank their feelings.  We can then present these comments and give users the opportunity to rank and reply to these comments, with real-time moderation.

The online tool is built around the platforms people already use, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We make engagement and data collection easy by doing this – and meet GDPR compliance.

The backend portal displays a consolidated commonsense collection of site-wide activity, including data-generated graphical reports, demographic data, and aggregated comments, all downloadable.

The site also allows you to reply to comments individually and en masse.

We’re building the future of consultation.comcon1.jpg